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Chattahoochee in Atlanta
by Palindrome at 8:03 pm EST, Jan 18, 2005

] Cochran Shoals Unit

] Joggers, walkers trail bikers, and dog walkers make this
] one of the busiest park units in the CRNRA. At 9:04 a.m.
] on a Friday morning, 46 cars were counted in the parking
] lot as health and fitness enthusiasts started their
] routines. An expansive floodplain and wetlands area,
] often 2,500 feet wide, parallels the river. Here a 3-mile
] fitness trail has been installed with 22 exercise
] stations. This unit also provides access to the only
] bicycle trail in the CRNRA, a yellow-blazed trail which
] winds through Cochran Shoals and the neighboring Sope
] Creek Unit. Biker speed limit is 10 mph.

] Facilities: Picnic area, hiking trail, fitness trail,
] bike trail access

] Directions: From I-285, exit west onto Northside Parkway.
] Turn left onto Interstate North Parkway. Cross the river
] and turn right into Cochran Shoals parking lot.

This might be worth a try since it is not very far away

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