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Inside Firefox - The Inside Track on Firefox Development
by dmv at 7:04 pm EST, Jan 24, 2005

] As of January 10, 2005, my source of income changed from
] The Mozilla Foundation to Google, Inc. of Mountain View,
] California. My role with Firefox and the Mozilla project
] will remain largely unchanged, I will continue doing much
] the same work as I have described above - with the new
] goal of successful 1.1, 1.5 and 2.0 releases. I remain
] devoted full-time to the advancement of Firefox, the
] Mozilla platform and web browsing in general. I'm sure
] you have many questions. While I will be spending more
] time at Google, I will work out of the Mozilla Foundation
] offices regularly as the need arises. For all questions
] regarding Google, I ask that you contact Google directly,
] rather than myself.

This was expected -- Firefox is on the cover of Wired. Of course Google can afford to pay him more than the Foundation -- and of course Google would prefer to hire him directly than through the Foundation. /Don't be Evil/

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