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Fangoria - Review - 2001 Maniacs
by Rattle at 11:52 pm EST, Jan 24, 2005

] What follows, surprisingly given our times and political
] climate, is refreshingly vulgar, completely un-PC and,
] much like the original, an expected excuse for extremely
] sadistic humor and gore. Where the first film now seems
] boring and slow, the new version is upbeat and
] well-paced. Happily and sadly, the first and only fully
] clothed female victim to get tied up and quartered by
] horses is the film's only waste of T in a movie
] overflowing with T&A. Many viewers may be offended by the
] black humor and straight-up racist jokes that pepper the
] film's dialogue, but those of you can rest assured that
] everyone gets their due by the end. It'll be
] interesting to see how the red states will react to such
] a searing and scabrous document of the South. Englund
] seems to imbue Mayor Buckman with a well-judged imitation
] of President Bush, and even the lives of his two sons in
] the film appear to closely ape those of the Bush
] daughters.

Fangoria reviews my cousin Tim's directorial debut.. They approve.

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