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Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Documentary | Metafilter
by Rattle at 7:15 pm EST, Feb 2, 2005

] The Golden Gate Bridge Suicide Documentary is going to be
] an interesting project. Filmmaker Eric Steel applied for
] a permit to film the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
] for a year, saying he was trying to "capture the
] grandeur" of the bridge. But what he actually ended up
] doing was capture 19 suicides and many attempts. He is
] now working on a feature-length documentary about these
] suicides, and has 100 hours of interviews with family
] members, psychiatrists, and some of the people who
] attempted suicide but didn't follow through. Now that
] he's revealed what his documentary is and what it will be
] about, a lot of people are pretty ticked off.

There is a redundant post from Shannon not displayed in this view.
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