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Shmoocon. Hell Yeah!
by angus at 7:39 pm EST, Feb 6, 2005

I had a great time and plan on attending next year. ShmooGroup were totally gracious hosts. The crowd was subdued but talkative and intelligent. Very few Shmooballs flew.

Jason Scott's preview of his BBS Documentary series was awesome. We hackers have a very interesting history. This is a must see (I will post a operate review).

Caezar's keynote was very inspirational and smacked of good 'ol common sense.

We pimped stickers and flyers promoting Interz0ne & Packetwars.

Dan Kaminsky's talk was great. It is the first time I have seen him live. Very good energy level and overall good speaker. But the content was what impressed me the most. DNS is evil. Even though a couple of his demos didn't work, most of them did. Streaming video through DNS lookups bypassing firewall rules was very impressive. But his last demo was potentially even more impressive; Spoofed MD5 hashes from a command line utility; no public code available at this time ;(

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