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Feminist Rage Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome (FREDS)
by IconoclasT at 3:28 pm EST, Feb 18, 2005

Dear Human Resources Director:

Recently, I gave serious consideration to filing a sexual harassment suit against a fellow employee who was talking about her husband’s erectile dysfunction in the workplace. All of her angry ranting about her husband’s lovemaking deficiencies infringes on my right to feel comfortable at all times in the workplace.
And, finally, in 2005, I have now suffered from ED due to a feminist’s excessive complaints about her husband’s ED. It’s kind of like trying not to imagine a giant purple elephant.

Obviously, one does not have to be a college professor to see the common theme in all of these instances of ED. Put simply; they were all induced by feminist rage. And, clearly, the six instances I have recounted call for the recognition of a new disability called Feminist Rage Erectile Dysfunction Syndrome, or FREDS.

In anticipation of your formal recognition of FREDS, I have attached an ADA disability claim, which will allow me to leave the university in order to fully recover. Just getting away from campus feminist rage should do the trick. And not having me around might even attenuate the rage of some of these angry feminists.

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