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RE: Avoiding Tolls On The Massachusetts Turnpike


RE: Avoiding Tolls On The Massachusetts Turnpike
by janelane at 5:30 pm EST, Mar 2, 2005

The credit card fraud prank is pretty funny, too.

"You have no idea how strange it is to have the teenage counter clerk at Bertucci's watching you scribble fiercely on a piece of paper, as if you wished to purge the evil that is your signature. Then I smiled and handed him back his pen."



Palindrome wrote:
] ] Recently, while giving away yet another $1.00 of my
] ] hard-earned money for the privilege of driving into town,
] ] I wondered: how flexible are they about the tolls? So I
] ] decided to undertake a series of experiments.
] ] There are three ways to pay tolls on the "Mass Pike," as
] ] we call it:
] ] 1) You can drive through the "Fast Lane," which is a
] ] computerized system that detects a small device that you
] ] keep on your windshield, while pelting your car with
] ] gamma rays and slowly giving you cancer of the prostate.
] ] All Fast Lanes require that you slow your car to 15 mph,
] ] and some make you stop completely, giving new meaning to
] ] the word "Fast."
] ] 2) You can pay cash to the friendly toll booth operator,
] ] who will give you change, and, if you're lucky, a surly
] ] grunt.
] ] 3) If you have exact change, you can use the "baskets,"
] ] which are big scoop-shaped buckets into which you throw
] ] your money. The money slides down a chute, where it is
] ] then processed by either highly efficient money-sorting
] ] machinery, or financially astute elves. It's a mystery.
] If you have a few minutes read through it. It is rather funny.
] I especially like the last experiment and letters.

RE: Avoiding Tolls On The Massachusetts Turnpike

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