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RE: Folksonomy conversation


RE: Folksonomy conversation
by k at 4:19 pm EST, Mar 17, 2005

Decius wrote:
] ] a conversation between Clay Shirky, Stewart "Flickr"
] Butterfield,
] ] Joshua "Delicious" Schachter and Jimmy "Wikipedia" Wales at
] the
] ] O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego.
] Folksonomy
] ] is the process of letting users generate and apply their own
] tags
] ] to shared items and then discovering which tegs users share
] with
] ] one another. Unlike previous ventures into this field, the
] tags
] ] aren't "controlled"
] What are people's thoughts about replacing the topics system
] in MemeStreams with a folksonomy like

[ I'm with Rattle. I think it's a fine idea. Strict hierarchies are either too complex, and thus unmanageable, or not complex enough, and therefore not useful for real categorization. If the category can't be determined automatically via semantic indexing (which is the most difficult, but still, i think, the best) then total flexibility is better. Of course, even the best semantic analysis isn't always going to mark a document with all the tags you might consider relevant, so this would even be useful as an addition to that level of categorization. There's no reason something shouldn't get multiple tags, in fact, though memestreams I guess only sets that on initial submission... -k]

RE: Folksonomy conversation

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