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RE: [Politech] Don't say blogger to customs!


RE: [Politech] Don't say blogger to customs!
by Shannon at 10:29 am EST, Mar 19, 2005

Rattle wrote:
] ] As already reported on quite a few blogs, Jeremy was
] ] detained and interrogated by US Immigration when he
] ] arrived in New York last week for a meeting with
] ] McGraw-Hill to discuss a great business opportunity for
] ] Jeremy in the area of blogging. It appears that the
] ] immigration people simply did not believe that Jeremy
] ] could make a living as a blogger. And they gave him the
] ] third degree - including an humiliating strip search - as
] ] a result for some hours. And banned him from entering the
] ] US.
] Protecting our borders does not involve creating an
] opportunity for people who have chips on their shoulders to
] harrass random travellers. We need a bill of rights for
] travellers.

Kind of makes you wonder if they single out bloggers and reporters to make the borders look tougher than they really are. Sort of a mean PR scheme.

RE: [Politech] Don't say blogger to customs!

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