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Natural Capitalism-Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
by Decius at 7:25 pm EDT, Oct 15, 2001

Business approach equated to the next industrial revolution which includes natural resources as assets. One of THE leading books on sustainable business practice. Also check out (Rocky Mountain Institute site)

Natural Capitalism-Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
by Rattle at 6:31 am EDT, Oct 16, 2001

This is something I need to take a deeper look at. I have been thinking alot about the changing buisness landscape latley. One of the thing I have said many times: The two forces you don't want to go up against are Technology and Nature, you will always lose. Right now we are walking into a realm where in various degress we _are_ fighting both, and if you don't think its going to become a bigger problem as time goes on you are shitting yourself.

On the Technology side, Information is NO LONGER SCARCE. We have shitloads of it and we use it in a totally uneffective way in my opinion. We need filters to deal with this deluge of Information so we can turn it into the Knowledge we desire. I am doing my part to address this. Take this site for instance..

On the Nature side, we have the opposite problem. Natural capital, as the first page here states, is in decline. In America we don't always grasp this, as we have more space per person then any other developed nation. When you see a place like Hong Kong or Tokyo, you see this growing imbalence with nature. At some point, its going to bite us in the ass big time. Climate change is already visable. Energy concerns are not what they should be. Now, most of the world sees this as a problem that they don't want to really think about because its scary and hard to solve. I disagree. I think our greatest opportunities to improve the world around us, our quality of life, and our bank accounts, lie in the solutions to these problems. Its not a bad thing, as long as it gets addressed. I am sure people are looking, and don't get all green-hippy about it, they see dollar signs, not happy rain forests.

I think evidence of long term planning for the future in referrence to nature does exist. I have theorized the primary reason that over the past two decades we have seen the 'gas station' as we know it change from a car garage with a gas pump, to a convience store/car wash/etc is part of a long term plan to be 'ready' to handle the changing market when Fuel Cells start to become the driving force of our cars. If you don't require as much maintainence/service, you need other services to use your real estate. The Gas Demons have no incentive to change anything any faster then they need to, but I think I see 'things' that denote some clue. Look who owns the patents on all this technology.

At least, thats how I shit myself into thinking that as some point we are going to do someting to fix our energy situation. I'm working on the Technology angle here. If you aren't, read this and do something.. Ok?

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