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One Small Step For Hand
by Palindrome at 6:04 am EST, Apr 1, 2005

] BME: What's your background with RFID technology?

] AG: I have no RFID background at this point, though I
] do have an extensive tinkering and gadgetry background. I
] like to mod things, and I guess it was only natural that
] it extended to my own body.

] I became interested in RFID and other alternate means of
] identification a while back. I constantly lose my keys
] and my wallet-yeah, I'm one of those guys. So
] I was sitting around thinking about keys and credit
] cards, and the obvious truth that these chunks of metal
] and pieces of plastic were really representing me and
] basically identifying me to whatever mechanisms and
] systems they worked with, be it my front door deadbolt or
] my bank account. I basically just wanted to get rid of my
] keys and wallet.

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