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Share your Gaming History
by Palindrome at 8:17 am EDT, Apr 9, 2005

] We're creating a history of video games, not just with
] input from experts (we'll use some of course) but
] primarily using a lot of real players' experiences with
] the role of video games in their lives.

] So what did you play? What games stand out in your memories? Did
] you play in groups, or by yourself, did this change over time, or
] from game to game? What skills do you think you learned from each
] game? Has a videogame ever helped you in "real life"?

Share you insight

Share your Gaming History
by Decius at 3:51 am EDT, Apr 10, 2005

] The Institute for the Future (IFTF) is a 35 year-old
] non-profit research organization that studies technology
] and its impacts on society. We're embarking on a new
] project to look at the history of electronic games so we
] can better understand where they're headed in the
] future.
] To help us develop this history, we'd like to invite
] you to share your personal experiences with electronic
] games. Videogames are definitely included, but even
] earlier is fine. As long as some bits and bytes are
] involved.

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