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Habemus Papam: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Becomes Pope Benedict XVI
by Elonka at 1:03 pm EDT, Apr 19, 2005

] Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, 78, has been chosen to succeed
] John Paul II as Pope. He will be known as Benedict XVI.
  . . .
] Cardinal Ratzinger has been a head of the Congregation
] for the Doctrine of the Faith - the Vatican's guardian of
] orthodoxy since 1981.
] As such, he has also taken some uncompromising political
] positions, calling for pro-abortion politicians to be
] denied communion during the US election campaign for
] instance, or arguing that Turkey should not be admitted
] into the European Union.

I've been eagerly watching Vatican News, and was watching a cam feed to see the first wisps of white smoke coming out of the Sistine Chapel. But I have to admit, that when I heard that it was Ratzinger who had been elected, my heart sank.

Then again, I keep in mind that he's 78 years old, so it's doubtful that this is going to be another 20-year Papacy. Also, sometimes Popes who preached one point of view as a Cardinal, find a different voice as a Pope, so I can still be hopeful there as well. But at this moment, I have a sour and disappointed feeling in my stomach. :/

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