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Aimee Mann | The Forgotten Arm
by Jeremy at 12:06 am EDT, May 5, 2005

Aimee Mann's new album is in stores now. (The iTunes Music Store has an exclusive bonus track.) You can experience the multimedia version at her web site.

The Forgotten Arm is the new studio album from the Grammy and Oscar nominated singer/songwriter Aimee Mann. Aimee's songs have a literary quality to them — sharp, spare short stories set to music — so it was probably inevitable that she would one day make a concept album, the musical equivalent of a novella. The Forgotten Arm , her fifth solo release, is exactly that: a dozen songs that tell, rather loosely, the story of John and Caroline as they meet, fall in love and road trip across America.

If you'd like to read some reviews, check Google News. You'll find articles from MSNBC, Boston Globe, and many more.

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