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Heavy Trash
by Jeremy at 12:13 am EDT, May 5, 2005

Fans of Jon Spencer will be interested in his latest side project. It's no classic, but it's still a lot of fun. Recommended.

As a kid growing up in Canada, Matt Verta-Ray used to argue with his pals that Johnny Cash was cooler than KISS. When he moved to New York, he put his theory into extreme practice by thumping the bass with Madder Rose and then creating a stabbing electric guitar style with Speedball Baby.

The Rhapsody reviewer wrote: "This greasy celebration of the early sounds of rock 'n' roll dips its stained fingers into rockabilly and early '60s frat rock. Spencer and Verta-Ray take turns putting the mic in their mouths and then hollering and generally acting like feral beasts."

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