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ABC News: Sex Offender's Suicide Raises Questions
by Shannon at 12:23 pm EDT, May 7, 2005

] The poster didn't mention that the 5-foot-9, 135-pound
] Claxton relied on a wheelchair, that police no longer
] considered him a serious threat and that he had no
] further sex offenses. But the flier's creator saw fit to
] add something incendiary. At the bottom of the page, in
] bold block letters, were the words "CHILD RAPIST."
] Four days after the fliers appeared, 38-year-old Chuckie
] Claxton was found dead, an empty bottle of scotch, a bag
] of pills and one of the posters beside him.

The fact that the media seems to be gathering sympathy for sex offenders seems odd to me. Not that I think the Public Notification Laws are a fair way to deal with the issue, but you'd figure sex offenders would be less fucking squeamish. What did they expect raping women and children was going to do for their rep in the first place?

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