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RE: Tiger not all that great...


RE: Tiger not all that great...
by Shannon at 11:41 am EDT, Jun 2, 2005

Decius wrote:

Rattle wrote:
My 1Ghz G4 Powerbook's performance has really taken a dive since installing Tiger. I'm wondering if anyone else is having similar problems...

Yes, I agree. I wish I had not upgraded. They broke Cisco VPN, Tivo Desktop, and lowered performance a lot. Nothing new has been worth it.

I have one gig of ram, yet regularly my system is having to pull applications out of swap in situations where I'm not pushing it hard and never had a problem in the past.

Yup! It has the same feel as my Windows machine.

Dashboard flat out sucks.

I haven't looked at it in weeks. Its a neat toy, but damn is it expensive, and there is no way to shut it off. There is no GUI method for deleting widgets.

Ok, I like Spotlight...

Haven't touched it. Locatedb anyone? Find?

Safari seems to eat more ram with every update. I'm used to unloading it and re-loading it every so often to alleviate its fat, but that has not been necessary recently because it seems to be crashing more. Mail has been crashing regularly as well.

Safari does seem slow. I think it might be the RSS feeds. I should be able to tell it to stop collecting that data. Instead the only way to turn that off is to remove all the feeds from your bookmarks. I just set the article hold time to one day. I haven't, however, experienced any crashes. Neither Mail nor Safari have died if memory serves.

DashOnOff will turn the dash on and off. I haven't run into too many slowdowns, although some program crashes are much more regular. You may want to try restoring permissions or change the power settings for your HD to see if it does anything.

RE: Tiger not all that great...

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