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RE: Tiger not all that great...


RE: Tiger not all that great...
by k at 1:21 pm EDT, Jun 2, 2005

Dashboard flat out sucks.

I haven't looked at it in weeks. Its a neat toy, but damn is it expensive, and there is no way to shut it off. There is no GUI method for deleting widgets.

Of course there is. Hold down option. Personally, I use dashboard quite a bit. Granted, it's partially for frivolous things, but it's also new... I don't think we've seen all the potential it has to offer just yet.

Also, there appear to be a number of ways to disable dashboard, though I haven't tested or verified any of them... the simplest i've seen is to remove hot-keys and hot-corners assigned to trigger it and then reboot... if dashboard is never invoked, it doesn't start automatically according to a couple sites i saw. Google "disable dashboard tiger".

Ok, I like Spotlight...

Haven't touched it. Locatedb anyone? Find?

Yes, opening a terminal and running commands that give me, assuming I know what I'm doing, a path to a file, which I then have to navigate to either via the terminal or the Finder is definitely superior to a persistent search box which gives me one click access to relevant files. Oh, wait...

On top of which, Spotlight is good. And searches saved iChat transcripts.

Safari seems to eat more ram with every update. I'm used to unloading it and re-loading it every so often to alleviate its fat, but that has not been necessary recently because it seems to be crashing more. Mail has been crashing regularly as well.

Safari does seem slow. I think it might be the RSS feeds. I should be able to tell it to stop collecting that data. Instead the only way to turn that off is to remove all the feeds from your bookmarks. I just set the article hold time to one day. I haven't, however, experienced any crashes. Neither Mail nor Safari have died if memory serves.

Safari is slow, always has been. Even with Apple's mods, the khtml based backend is shite compared to moz-based browsers. Wanna test, get something like the Bash guide... something that's a single GIANT html page. Firefox will render it in about 1 second. Safari will choke on it for as many as 60, depending. Alas, the multiday history function and more intuitive (to me) keyboard shortcuts make it more useful to me. Safari doesn't crash on me, but it is slow a lot of the time, and every so often gives inexplicable pinwheel action.

In general, my feelings are mixed on Tiger. It seems more resource hungry, which I expected, and I've had more than one completely devastating failure in Mail (requiring me to start over from the wizard, setting up from scratch), though it's been pretty solid since 10.4.1. I *hate* the way iChat tells me that my network appears to have been disconnected... I KNOW GODDAMMIT, I *HUNG UP* THE MODEM! I also think they shouldn't have bothered separating the the various buddy lists for other protocols... what the fuck do I care what the transport is? Others may disagree on that point, i guess. All that being said, Dashboard has been useful to me on occasion, enough to justify its existence, and I really do like spotlight. Overall, I'm glad we got the household rate... it's well worth the $200/5, but i'd be a lot less pleased if i'd spent $130.

RE: Tiger not all that great...

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