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by Dr. Nanochick at 6:14 pm EDT, Jun 12, 2005

Here is a strange site. Sometimes funny sometimes sad. People send in their secrets on postcards they have made. Check it out.

PostSecret creator coming to Atlanta
by Acidus at 3:00 am EST, Jan 21, 2007

If you've never been to PostSecret before you really are missing out. You can read more about it on PostSecret Wikipedia page, but in a nutshell, people send in postcards with secret confessions on them.

It's pretty popular in the mainstream, with many of the postcards being featured in the music video Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects. The postcards have also been collected in to books.

Anyway the creator of the site, Frank Warren, is going to be speaking and signing books at this Barnes & Noble in Atlanta on Monday, 1/22/2007.

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