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by lclough at 3:02 pm EDT, Jun 19, 2005

Sony Corp. has succeeded in giving selected Aibo pet robots curiosity, researchers at Sony Computer Science Laboratory (SCSL) in Paris said last week. Their research won't lead to conscious robots soon, if ever, but it could help other fields such as child developmental psychology, they said during an open day in Tokyo.

...what if a robot could be made inherently "curious?" And what if its curiosity was backed by awareness of the value of its learning?

...To achieve this, the researchers equipped the Aibos with what they call an adaptive curiosity system or a "metabrain," an algorithm that is able to assess the robots' more conventional learning algorithms, they said.

In the experiments, the metabrain algorithm continually forced the learning algorithm to look for new and more challenging tasks and to give up on tasks that didn't seem to lead anywhere. The metabrains, in effect, gave the Aibos a sense of boredom as well as curiosity, helping them make choices to keep on learning, they said.

One probably doesn't want to develop software agents that give up performing tasks that are boring and insufficiently challenging.

RE: - Sony researchers create 'curious' Aibos
by Goddard at 9:44 am EDT, Sep 28, 2005

The supreme irony about this is that Brenda Clough (lclough) claims to lack any curiosity about the unknown, so that means compared to her, even Sony's Aibo robots are more evolved.

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