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The Enigma Code - The Polish Connection
by Elonka at 4:51 pm EDT, Jul 16, 2005

It seemed that the new cipher was a strong cryptography and cannot be cracked in an easy way. Therefore, the Ciphers Office of the Polish Army's General Staff decided to ask mathematicians for help. In January 1929, the Dean of the Department of Mathematics, Professor Zdzislaw Krygowski from the University of Poznan, made a list of his best graduating students who could have started working at the Ciphers Office.

While doing genealogy research on my own relatives in Poznan, I ran across this page. It talks about the Polish mathematicians who found the initial crack for the Enigma Cipher, and then they shared information with the French, and the British, which resulted in the forming of the Bletchley Park project.

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