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by skullaria at 3:41 pm EDT, Jul 23, 2005

We drove into Atlanta to see this movie yesterday. It was playing in Buckhead. We went to a 3PM matinee and were suprised to find the theater nearly full.

The cinematography is excellent beyond belief. The story was quite amazing. The main stars - the Penguins - were delightful!

The movie chronicles what penguins go through in order to have and raise their young. They walk 70 miles, endure 80 degrees below zero weather together, and keep social order when grieving moms try to kidnap another's youngster.

I think this would make an excellent date movie, or a great movie to take the kids to. Yes, you DO get to see penguin sex, but its not narrated, so the younger kids will just think they are playing, with the female laying down getting her neck bitten softly by the male.

These little guys are nothing if not dedicated to their families, and are quite loving towards their mates. They rub beaks slowly and cuddle, penguin style! Its a visual treat that plays well on the big screen.

The weak point in the movie was the narration. Morgan Freeman has an excellent voice, but there are times the script does not provide enough scientific facts - Just WHAT was that predator getting those babies? Just how does anything survive weather that cold?

And at other times, you just want him to shut up and let you watch the pretties, because these creatures will amaze you, intrigue you, and make you appreciate their intelligence and struggle in all that they do, and you'll certainly leave glad you are human and not a penguin!

by Catonic at 10:50 am EDT, Jul 25, 2005

skullaria wrote:

Am I the only one, who is reminded of a song when I read this title?

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