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Users in an uproar over Cisco/ISS suit
by Rattle at 6:37 am EDT, Jul 28, 2005

This is not going to go the way Cisco wants it to. Its going to blow up in their face.

The general opinion that seems to be around in the blogs is clearly leaning toward Mike. None of the mainstream press has yet to cast Mike's actions in an overly negative light.

"The speaker worked with Cisco for the last six months on this and Cisco has had the patch for quite a while," said Wally Strzelec, an IT manager at Texas A&M. "I don't know what their beef is."

"Seems like Cisco's trying to cover its butt," said Tom DeSmidt, a senior security engineer for satellite TV provider Echostar. "All software has flaws you can exploit. They should embrace it rather then act this way."

And Cisco may pay for the lawsuit, in more ways than one. Ken Pfeir, CSO for Capital IQ in New York, said something like this may turn clients away. "Cisco is going about this entirely the wrong way -- they're alienating their own customers," Pfeir said. "Walking around for six months with their fly hanging open and now saying 'you didn't see anything' is a bad business practice."

As far as the lawsuit goes, Black Hat President Jeff Moss remains unconcerned and has no intention of remaining mum as the cease and desist order demands. "Apparently Cisco is going to send us a really scary letter tomorrow," he said. "I don't like scary letters so when I get it, I'll let everyone know what's going on." Depending on the outcome, a press conference is tentatively planned for Thursday morning.

The EFF should support Lynn.

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