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RE: Atlanta may run out of gas.


RE: Atlanta may run out of gas.
by Jamie at 9:18 am EDT, Sep 1, 2005

Acidus wrote:

Delta has already cancelled 300 flights due to fuel shortages.

I just went to wal-mart for a watch battery. When I went in, gas was 2.75. I came out - didn't even stand it line cause they didn't have my darn battery - and gas was 2.87.

10 minutes. 12 cents.

Jill just filled up my car. Gas is $3.29 in the city (17th @ Northside Dr).

You know, if you LIBERALS (aka communists) would let us rational people build refineries, build nuclear power plants, and drill for oil - this problem wouldn't really be so bad because we'd have much greater supply and distribution channels.

Oh well... thanks a lot tree-huggers.

RE: Atlanta may run out of gas.

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