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Just WHY IS the new Georgia Aquarium so pricey?
by skullaria at 11:26 pm EST, Nov 10, 2005

I was really looking forward to a trip to the new Aquarium. I'd hoped that we could plan a group homeschool trip. We aren't rich, but it was affordable enough for my son and I.

Well, I was suprised to find a raging fire in our homeschool group(s) over the price of the tickets. Looking at other attractions, it IS quite a bit high. When one lady pointed out that it would cost her 96.00 to take her family of 5 it really hit home. A LOT of families won't be able to afford this trip!

They don't seem to have the normal homeschool days and discount days that so many of the educational facilities have. Heck, in Chattanooga, and here in Cartersville, the museums often have occasional FREE nights for the general public.

Looking on the Internet, I see there has been some uproar about this already.

Could they be trying to cater to a certain demographic only? Could they be intentionally excluding poorer children?

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