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RE: The politics of taxation


RE: The politics of taxation
by Decius at 12:59 pm EST, Nov 21, 2005

dmv wrote:
Trial Lawyers are, on average, Democrats.

This is circular. Trial Lawyers are Democrats because Democrats support their political issues. If Republicans supported their political issues they would be Republican. You can't argue that the Republicans are pursuing a political stance that Trial Lawyers don't like in order to erode the Democrats funding when the reason Trail Lawyers are funding the Democrats is because the Republicans are pursuing those political stances. There needs to be a independent variable here.

The Attack on Trial Lawyers and Tort Law

The fact is that astroturf campaigns about tort law wouldn't have any political traction if normal people didn't feel that these things impact their freedom. They do. Furthermore, the idea that libertarian thought is a conspiracy operated by a small cabal of wealthy people is nothing short of paranoid. Attacking the "right wing ideology" with spin is not particularly compelling. You might instead consider trying to address the ideas in a substantive way. In order to do that you have to start by accepting that intelligent people agree with some of these ideas for objective reasons and not because they've been bought off or because they've been fooled. This sounds very much like conservatives squaking that "liberals" disagree with their Iraq War policy because they "hate Bush." If you want to influence people you have to start by respecting their perspective.

RE: The politics of taxation

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