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RE: The politics of taxation


RE: The politics of taxation
by Rattle at 12:05 am EST, Nov 22, 2005

Furthermore, the idea that libertarian thought is a conspiracy operated by a small cabal of wealthy people is nothing short of paranoid.

Paranoia about the conspiracy is always justified. It's just usually misplaced. We are not wealthy, but we have lots of guns. Remember... It's a conspiracy. It's designed to have perceived inconsistencies. That's what makes it all so damn fun.

Just keep studying for the LSAT. In the same way that the pen is mightier than the sword, lawyers are more powerful than guns. You are not going to be able to take down a corrupt public official using a dozen guns without repercussions in excess of the gains. Real life isn't like The Matrix. Get a dozen lawyers and you have an entirely different situation.

Can you think of a scarier site than me walking into a building brandishing a dozen lawyers?

RE: The politics of taxation

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