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Reused 'One Time Use' Medical Devices Attract Entrepreneurs, Scrutiny
by dc0de at 5:57 pm EST, Dec 12, 2005

Now here's another thing to worry about...

Does your Doctor, Dentist, OB/GYN, Proctologist, Emergency Room, and local health care professionals use these products?

These burgeoning businesses are re-sterilizing medical devices were designed to be "One Time Use" by the manufacturer. What is going to happen if this causes you to be injured? Or a loved one? How much will this cost us, the taxpayer, when a lawsuite causes yet another rise in healthcare costs?

This is another example of why private healthcare is failing the american people. Here we are in 2005, and we have many things in our favor as Americans, such as;

The Good;
3rd Richest Country in the World
We have the most billionaires (269)
We are 7th in Recycling in the world
2nd Worldwide in receiving the most Asylum Seekers
5th largest renewable fresh water resources
6th Highest Quality of Life
1st with the Most Nobel Prize Winners
3rd Largest Population

But still we have these things going against us...

The Bad;
3rd most incidents of Lung Cancer
3rd most incidents of Breast Cancer
2nd Highest Emissions of Organic Water Pollutants
2nd Highest Prison Population Rate
1st Highest Electrical Consumption (3x larger than #2)

And these hanging over our heads...
The Ugly;
2nd highest teen pregnancy rate
12th most expensive Country to live in
2nd largest stockpile of Nuclear Weapons (pronounced New'Clear")
3rd Highest Worldwide Divorce Rate

And we now are giving people 2nd rate healthcare, by re-using "one time use stuff..." Great.

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