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SequoiaView - Free up some hard-drive space
by Elonka at 3:31 pm EST, Dec 21, 2005

Ever wondered why your hard disk is full? Or what directory is taking up most of the space? When using conventional disk browsing tools, such as Windows Explorer, these questions may be hard to answer. With SequoiaView however, they can be answered almost immediately. SequoiaView uses a visualization technique called cushion treemaps to provide you with a single picture of the entire contents of your hard drive. You can use it to locate those large files that you haven't accessed in one year, or to quickly locate the largest picture files on your drive.

This is an *awesome* piece of freeware. It's got a creative way of graphically displaying the relative sizes of the entire contents of my hard-drive at once, from large folders down to individual files. Within seconds I had spotted a few massive files that weren't needed anymore, and was therefore able to free up multiple gigabytes of space.

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