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RE: Pirate Radio or Synchronized Saturation?


RE: Pirate Radio or Synchronized Saturation?
by Rattle at 3:33 pm EST, Jan 30, 2006

I have my own theory. I personally do not think this is a coordinated effort by pirate radio broadcasters. Rather, I think it is large numbers of personal Sirius radios in their home docking stations. In areas like New York City, there would only be so many FM channels available to re-transmit the Sirus feed. This could lead to conscious or unconscious Synchronized Saturation, proving a clear FM signal to anyone who wants it. It would be very easy to light up an area even if you only a handful of common off the shelf Sirius radios. This in fact could allow the FCC to get involved. It should be a very interesting space.

That's an interesting theory. It might have some legs. I wouldn't be surprised if its a combination of Sirius radio mini-transmitters and actual pirate transmitters, to achieve a wider effect that could be dismissed as high numbers of Sirius mini-transmitters.

No matter what it is, its not something the FCC will be able to come up with a way to police, even if they do determine its illegal for some reason. How the hell would you tri-angulate that many signals??

Remember how they got Al Capone?

Syphilis and taxes?

RE: Pirate Radio or Synchronized Saturation?

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