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SlugBot: Enemy of Slugs
by Dr. Nanochick at 2:47 pm EDT, Oct 9, 2001

This is just cool on so many levels. A pest control system that seems to be more environmentally sound then pesticides, and it uses the slugs to generate electricity.

{oh yeah...Credit is due...Tom and Nick (the geniuses that they are) came up with this awhile back}

SlugBot: Enemy of Slugs
by Rattle at 8:11 pm EDT, Oct 9, 2001

I sware to God Decius and I came up with this idea first, only ours were going to eat people!

Immagine if we acted on it in a even slightly more serious way then creating an inside joke. sigh..

These things need to be self aware.. Its not first to market that wins the game, its best to market. And I'm going to prove it damnit.

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