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Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers (and
by Elonka at 3:12 pm EST, Feb 20, 2006

My Famous Unsolved Codes page got "Dugg" (again), resulting in massive traffic, from hundreds per day to many thousands per day, starting at about 1 p.m. on Sunday (traffic jumped from 40/hour, to 244/hour, to over 3000/hour).

My current "Diggs" score is 1124 (most other scores that day were in the single digits). This pushed my site over the 1.5 million number in terms of total page views.

Total "" traffic, according to sitemeter:

   Total 687,705
   Average Per Day 2,780
   Average Visit Length 1:45
   Last Hour 268
   Today 4,391
   This Week 19,458


   Total 1,522,072
   Average Per Day 4,153
   Average Per Visit 1.5
   Last Hour 370
   Today 6,112
   This Week 29,069

The harmonics are interesting, though it's unclear on which site picked me up first.

Referring sites list, ranked by visits, of the last few thousand visitors:

2,264 56.6%
468 11.7%
96 2.4%
92 2.3%
83 2.1%
27 0.7%
21 0.5%
19 0.5%
15 0.4%
11 0.3%
10 0.3%
9 0.2%
8 0.2%
8 0.2%
8 0.2%
7 0.2%
6 0.2%
5 0.1%
5 0.1%

At the AAAS conference over the weekend, there were some interesting numbers presented by academics who are studying internet usage, especially among teens (who are currently describing email as "something that you use to talk to old people"). I'd very much love to have some age demographic data on my website numbers, to learn how many of the visitors are from adult academics, and how many are teens who are following the latest "must go see the site that all my friends are looking at, so that I can say that I looked at it too...."

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