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RE: Paul Boutin : Biowar for Dummies


RE: Paul Boutin : Biowar for Dummies
by Lost at 11:07 pm EST, Feb 21, 2006

Decius wrote:

A few months ago, Roger Brent, a geneticist who runs a California biotech firm, sent me an unpublished paper in which he wrote that genetically engineered bioweapons developed by small teams are a bigger threat than suitcase nukes.

Brent is one of a growing number of researchers who believe that a bioterrorist wouldn’t need a team of virologists and state funding. He says advances in DNA-hacking technology have reached the point where an evil lab assistant with the right resources could do the job.

Gold Star, but I'm wondering how alarmist this is.

Does one assign a gold star by typing "Gold Star?" No, I'm not kidding.

RE: Paul Boutin : Biowar for Dummies

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