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Dana Reeve, widow of Christopher Reeve, dies of lung cancer - Mar 7, 2006
by janelane at 10:41 am EST, Mar 7, 2006

WHITE PLAINS, New York(AP) -- Dana Reeve, who won worldwide admiration for her devotion to her "Superman" husband, Christopher Reeve, through his decade of near-total paralysis, has died of lung cancer at the age of 44.
Reeve had succeeded her husband as chair of the foundation, which funded research into spinal-cord paralysis cures. She announced in August that, while she wasn't a smoker, she had been diagnosed with lung cancer.
A year ago, she won a Mother of the Year award from the American Cancer Society. A society vice president, Dr. Michael Thun, said Reeve "has shown strength and courage in the face of tremendous adversity." Doctors say 1 in 5 women diagnosed with the disease never lit a cigarette.

There is definitely something in the water that celebrities are drinking. First Puckett, now Reeve? He was 45, she 44! He was an all-star athelete and she didn't even smoke!

Since when is 45 the new 85?

-janelane, anti-2nd-hand-smoking

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