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'Playing The Clash made me a terror suspect' | the Daily Mail
by Rattle at 12:42 am EDT, Apr 6, 2006

Harraj Mann, 24, played the punk anthem London Calling and classic rock track Immigrant Song in a taxi before a flight to London.

The lyrics to both tracks made the driver fear his passenger was a terrorist.

Mr Mann, of Hartlepool, Teesside, had boarded the plane at Durham Tees Valley Airport when the flight to Heathrow was stopped and he was arrested by police.

He said he was told he was being questioned under the Terrorism Act and his choice of music had aroused suspicions.

If this is the case, my playlists would get me shipped directly to Guantanamo.

"I played Procol Harum's Whiter Shade Of Pale first, which the taxi man liked. I figured he liked the classics so put on a bit of Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song - which he didn't like. Then, since I was going to London, I played the song by The Clash and finished up with Nowhere Man by The Beatles."

Oh please. Let's see how this would go with DJ Rattle:

"First, I started up with an American classic, Neil Young's 'Revolution Blues'." Said Levay. The words of this classic include the following: "Yes, that was me with the doves, setting them free near the factory. Where you built your computer, love. I hope you get the connection, cause I can't take the rejection. I won't deceive you, I just don't believe you."

This did not heighten the attention of the taxi driver, but the last verse of the song did: "With my carbine on, I keep em hoppin, till the ammunition's gone. But i'm still not happy. Feel like something's wrong. I got the revolution blues. I see bloody fountains, and a ten million dune buggies, comin' down the mountains."

"Then, I went into some Bad Religion, 'The Numbers Game'" Said Levay. Among the lyrics are the following: "They call it liberation. With opiates of silicon big brother schemes to rule the nation. We're one nation under god. We stand above the rest, with mighty high technology, we're never second best. Our specialty is infiltration!"

"From there it went downhill as I played Petter Bazooka by the Dead Milkmen followed by some Public Enemy." Said Levay, "At this point I noticed he was sweating and visibly perturbed."

If I played The Clash, I would play Guns of Brixton.

This would be a great time for someone to ask JonnyX about the time he drove me to the airport in 2000...

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