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UK suspect argues against extradition to the US on torture grounds.
by Decius at 1:55 pm EDT, Apr 18, 2006

A self-taught British "computer nerd" who brought a vital US naval base to its knees could be subjected to torture and detained indefinitely if a "vengeful" US Government extradite him, a court has heard.

This is obviously not going to happen, but at the same time, its interesting to hear this arguement made. Its not impossible for this to occur, due to the stupid system they've setup for dealing enemy combatents. If its not impossible this court has to consider it.

There is, however, some reality to the idea that the U.S. is seeking "administrative revenge" against this person for demonstrating that their security is weak. He apparently found that they had 5000 machines sitting out on the internet with no administrative passwords. He rifled through them but he didn't break them. Unfortunately, the computer fraud laws in the US are designed to enable "administrative revenge" by putting people like this in a position where they may face decades in prison. That really doesn't make any sense.

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