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Traffic report for
by Elonka at 7:52 am EDT, Apr 24, 2006

I was enjoying watching the "bumps" of traffic move through my website over the last week. According to sitemeter, the biggest traffic definitely came from the AOL news screen -- during the several hours that the story was up yesterday, traffic was consistently in the 1K-3K/hour range, and overall traffic for the day (31K visitors) was double what Slashdot did (15.8K). Highest Slashdot hour: 3,900. Highest AOL hour: 3,600.

Total "since the webcounter was turned on" traffic to

Total 806,187
Average Per Day 9,707
Average Visit Length 5:25
Last Hour 131
Today 1,036
This Week 67,951


Total 1,850,868
Average Per Day 30,536
Average Per Visit 3.1
Last Hour 252
Today 2,520
This Week 213,754

At the moment, traffic has scaled back to a dull roar, with hundreds per hour right now instead of thousands, but here's the "referring site" list for the last few thousand visitors:

2,076 51.9%
352 8.8%
313 7.8%
273 6.8%
80 2.0%
51 1.3%
43 1.1%
34 0.9%
23 0.6%
21 0.5%
20 0.5%
19 0.5%
19 0.5%
14 0.4%
12 0.3%
10 0.3%
10 0.3%
10 0.3%
10 0.3%

Before the AOL story, traffic was pretty evenly split between the NY Times, the Wired story, and Schneier's blog. Also, interestingly enough, though the story *did* show up on Digg, it never took off, and I never got more than 1% of hits from digg. I'm not sure what this means, since there was obviously plenty of public interest in the story -- Is "Digg" a fad that has passed, or is it that news links just don't get "dugg" anymore?

Anyway, passing along the data in case anyone's interested,

Elonka :)

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