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An Inconvenient Truth
by Neoteric at 1:12 pm EDT, Jun 4, 2006

Okay I went to see Al Gore's movie on opening night. I was great. Yes it's a slide show. Is this Vice President Gore's salvo to become a comeback-nixon? Well watch the movie for yourself and see if your opinion doesn't change about the man.

The data shouldn't be shocking to anyone at this point. If the data shocks you, go watch the movie again until the data and the graphs really sink in. If the movie shocks you bring your friends. If the movie shocks you bring your parents.

Data points that were omitted that I wish were included:
- atmospheric CO2 vs human population
- reflectivity of atmosphere vs airborne particulate flux
- % of C trapped in land, sea, air, mantle
- tons fossil fuel consumed vs year (log graph please)


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