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Polly Esther (of Suck fame) on San Francisco | rabbit blog
by Jeremy at 8:55 pm EST, Nov 16, 2001

Regular readers of Suck ( may remember Polly Esther. Well, Polly has a weblog now, into which this was written yesterday (that's Thursday, November 15, 2001 -- at present, it's about 20% of the way down the page):


1. It's cold.

2. It's small and brightly lit and filled with cute stores and cute restaurants and butt-white people, like a big, indoor mall, except without the central heating.

3. It's arguably more provincial and goofier than a much smaller, more isolated town.

4. It's a well-established, widely-known fact that the women are all smart and funny and great and the gay men are great but the straight men either have bed-head and play in joke-rock bands, or they're sort of wiener-y.

5. It's chilly and wet and you never have a coat with you, because you're a moron who'll never learn.

6. It's filled with perpetual adolescents who share a scornful attitude toward mainstream America, like you're not cool unless you drink green tea with soy milk and listen to This American Life and have the inside scoop on Salon. Snore.

7. Yeah, I like those people just fine, too. But still. It's cold.

8. Ambition is seen as an affliction that only strikes the shallow and the soulless.

9. There's a fundamental flavor of alienation in the air, like you're all living in some huge hipster ant farm. You tire of the other ants, but you're afraid of the real world. It's sort of like college, really, only everyone's dumber and uglier and you have to pay for the beer. And it's really fucking cold.

Yeah, I'm generalizing. What else is there to do? I'm a fucking rabbit!"

SF crew: With which of these points, if any, do you agree? Disagree?

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