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Tips for living with Fibromyalgia
by skullaria at 1:08 am EDT, Jun 27, 2006

This is a great site for fibro sufferers, but it is kinda hidden. I've never ran accross it before, but it has a lot of good coping tips.

It includes a section on how to deal with 'fibrofog' which is something that I am seriously struggling with.

I constantly feel like I've smoked WAY too much pot, or maybe more like hashish - I'm way on out there all the time - but I'm straight & clean as can be. I thought it was maybe my medication, so I quit taking it for awhile - sent me into pure agony with pain - in bed incapable of doing ANYTHING - but the brainfog remained - even got worse!

Reading more - THANK GOD for the INTERNET - I see it is a common symptom, but one I was not ever told about or prepared to deal with.

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