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RE: Panic on 43rd Street | Vanity Fair


RE: Panic on 43rd Street | Vanity Fair
by Catonic at 11:08 am EDT, Aug 29, 2006

dmv wrote:

Why isn't MemeStreams stickier? What will it take to get every registered user to visit the site daily and generate 20 page views? There ought to be a plan!

* Communication Function: MySpace replaces email; Memestream messaging does not.
* Demographics: Memestreams users, on average, seem to have lives and professions.
* Content: I read the RSS feed... through livejournal... with the exception of the links I follow through, most of my reading is likely untrackable. If I couldn't, I would read Memestreams less.
* Content navigation: Banging on the folksonomy drum again -- I read the front page. I read my recommendation page. But outside the cover articles, I have little inclination to "dive deeper". Except when entries link to other entries, or when I remember an article that I wish to recall, I don't go through the bulk of the site. If there were tags or other automatically generated clustering content links, I probably would.

I use an RSS reader. I still make an effort to clickthrough on occasion though.

RE: Panic on 43rd Street | Vanity Fair

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