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by Shannon at 4:45 pm EDT, Sep 14, 2006

As he lifts the makeshift crack pipe for his second hit of the night, he tells the driver: "Do you mind?

"I can't do it, f*** it. They'll spot me a mile off. Spend �20."

Charles loads more rocks of crack on to the can. But the drug is already fuelling his paranoia and he peers nervously out of the car window to see if he is being observed.

Satisfied he is safe, he lights the drug and again inhales.

It is just minutes since his first lungful of fumes. But his appearance is already transformed. He is almost unrecognisable as the popular soap star. His face is puffy and his eyes are bulging.

Lister's a crackhead now? Well, I suppose this is what gaming manufacturers get for not inventing "Better than Life" yet.

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