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Small Aircraft Crashes Into N.Y. City Building
by Shannon at 3:20 pm EDT, Oct 11, 2006

NEW YORK -- Broadcast news reports say that a small airplane has crashed into a building in New York City.

Flames could be seen pouring from the building across two floors.

The Federal Aviation Administration told CNN that a small, multi-engine private plane struck the 20-floor residential building at 72nd Street and York Ave.

Witnesses said the crash caused a loud noise, and burning and falling debris was seen. Flames were seen shooting out of the windows.

"There's huge pieces of debris falling," said one witness who refused to give her full name. "There's so much falling now, I've got to get away."

Whether anyone was injured was not known, and it was unclear if the crash was an act of terrorism.

The address of the building is 524 E. 72nd Street - a 50-story condominium tower built in 1986 and located nearby Sotheby's Auction House. It has 183 apartments, many of which sell for more than $1 million.

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