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Surge in High-end Second Life Business Profits
by ilsundal at 12:18 pm EST, Dec 7, 2006

The number of Second Life residents making profits over US$5,000 a month surged more than 40 percent in November, according to data released on Tuesday by Linden Lab, while the total number of profitable residents rose 11.5 percent from the prior month.

Month by month, Second Life proves itself more and more to be a viable business platform. After interviewing a number of highly successful SL entrepreneurs, these rewards do not come easy. Those that are clearing US$5,000 a month are doing such on a full time basis. Second Life is their primary source of income, and the skills required to pull it off often match the RL equivalent of a similar position. If Second Life is a game, for these people, the Linden Dollar is the high score.

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