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Civilized Warriors: The US Army Learns from its Mistakes in Iraq
by noteworthy at 9:29 pm EST, Dec 22, 2006

A reporter from Spiegel visits Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to see how the new Army is shaping up. The short of it: this is going to be a long, hard slog.

In the end the visitor is left with the feeling that a revolution is being launched here in Fort Leavenworth, one that will radically change the face of the United States military and the wars it will fight in the future.

... until they began learning from experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Army's worldview was still colored by the logic of the Cold War, which divided the world into clear-cut blocs. Military leaders were primarily focused on a big picture ...

It took commanders who could implement changes and who had the courage to question the Pentagon's old-school way of thinking ...

The decision to remove Petraeus, who was clearly the best man for the job, triggered an outcry in the press and the political arena. He was portrayed as the shining hope for a new Iraq and for the American military -- even as a new Lawrence of Arabia. Nowadays, he is considered a candidate for a fourth star, and those who worked with him hope that he may one day lead the entire US Army.


An instructor asks his students: "In your opinion, how has the US's view of the world changed since Sept. 11?" A female student says, in a piercing voice: "We now know that we have to take them out before they take us out." It isn't the answer the instructor was looking for.


In an effort to teach skepticism and critical thinking, the instructors are constantly asking their students trick questions and presenting them with paradoxes, rewiring their brains to help them understand the new military doctrine.

The great litany of Fort Leavenworth is that everything must change.

See also the interview with David Petraeus.

Civilized Warriors: The US Army Learns from its Mistakes in Iraq
by ubernoir at 7:45 am EST, Dec 23, 2006

great article and nice to see an article from der spiegel

i especially like what to me is lesson no 1

A military that acts too brutally in the wrong place merely creates new enemies.

and reading the article reminds me of many of the things I love about America and is likely to have the same effect on Der Spiegel's German readership
so the new doctrine is winning hearts and minds in more than just Iraq

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