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The underdog pulls through
by Palindrome at 11:46 pm EST, Dec 30, 2006

Quote from sports report at 3pm

"Just about every national media prognosticator from television, newspapers and the Internet have picked Virginia Tech (10-2) to beat Georgia (8-4) in tonight's Peach Bowl.

A victory tonight would secure the Bulldogs a spot in the final national top-25 of both major polls for the 10th consecutive season. With 7-6 FSU highly unlikely to be unranked at the end of this season that sustained mark of success by Georgia would become a national best.

More importantly, a victory tonight over the best team in the ACC this season and the most consistent program from that conference over recent years would cement Georgia's status as one of the nation's best all-around programs."

Well contrary to popular believe and the negative wishes of a certain Canadian the GA Bulldogs came back after half time and provided a victory for the home team.

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