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RE: Wii!


RE: Wii!
by k at 11:35 pm EST, Jan 12, 2007

Decius wrote:

k wrote:

Decius wrote:
I'm posting this from my Wii! Thank you EBGames!

I recommend getting the new Monkeyball game and ignoring pretty much everything else.

Do you have one? Whats your wii number?

I don't... Kayser's been borrowing one from his friend who's in an odd situation which renders him compatible with said long term loan.

Anyway, I'll get one eventually. For the moment, Sports and Monkeyball are the only games i know are fun, and I'm considering the new WarioWare a provisional interest, though i need to actually see it... i just read a review.

I'll certainly let you know when i get one...


RE: Wii!

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