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RE: My programming rules


RE: My programming rules
by Abaddon at 1:59 pm EST, Jan 18, 2007

Decius wrote:

3. it always costs more to do it later...

It doesn't matter how "right" it is if it never ships.

4. beware of anyone in a suit...

Unless they are a civil liberties lawyer.

14. never assume they have tested their code...

Abaddon's Corollary: All other programmers are out to get you.

no that last one was Rusty Russel, not me, I just repeat it alot cause its good advice...

I also agree about the it doesnt matter how right it is if it never ships, but I think part of the skill in being an engineer is to design something that you *can* ship in the time allotted that is still a "correct" sollution...this sometimes means scaling back what you're making, but whatever you make should never be "wrong"...if that makes any sense...

RE: My programming rules

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