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RE: My programming rules


RE: My programming rules
by Lost at 8:22 pm EST, Jan 18, 2007

Abaddon wrote:

Decius wrote:

3. it always costs more to do it later...

It doesn't matter how "right" it is if it never ships.

4. beware of anyone in a suit...

Unless they are a civil liberties lawyer.

14. never assume they have tested their code...

Abaddon's Corollary: All other programmers are out to get you.

no that last one was Rusty Russel, not me, I just repeat it alot cause its good advice...

I also agree about the it doesnt matter how right it is if it never ships, but I think part of the skill in being an engineer is to design something that you *can* ship in the time allotted that is still a "correct" sollution...this sometimes means scaling back what you're making, but whatever you make should never be "wrong"...if that makes any sense...

But alas... the requirements change. Now, it is certainly the job of a good engineer to design and build a system in the time given that can adapt to changing requirements... but you still never get it quite right.

RE: My programming rules

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