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RE: My programming rules


RE: My programming rules
by Abaddon at 3:02 pm EST, Jan 23, 2007

Jello wrote:
Sometimes... anything other than a kludge would require more time than you have. I think in some ways it is unavoidable to have to do major revisions to software, in practice. When end-users are involved, there are eventually always un-forseen requirements that require re-architecting. Good design can make these major revamps happen less frequently.

This is happening to me, this week. So... yeah.

I'll agree that from time to time we're all forced to compromise and break a rule...but with good planning rearchitectures shouldnt sneak up on you, and the last minute kludges you might be forced to do are the extreme exception, I make it a rule to never do it (a rule which does get broken on rare occations) because most programmers think those rare exceptions come much more often than they practice a well designed system will accept a lot of change and rearchitecture without needing kludges...

so basically because I have little faith in most programmers I make it a rule to never kludge my way to the finish line on any project...the few good programmers out there can be trusted to know when to break this rule, the rest cant...

RE: My programming rules

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